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The idea of such a project, unparalleled in its size and scope within Bohemia, was conceived a few years ago. Sales contracts for the property were signed in December 2006 by the BCD Group and in 2007 the sales were finalized. Two years later, in January 2009, a change in the zoning regulation based on a provided study was passed. Construction of the whole complex, given its size and importance, will take several years. The project, which has full support from Aš town council, is now in the phase where documentation necessary for the regional plan is being processed. Subsequently a building permit will be requested. From its very beginning the project has aroused the interest of the media and public. In the past the BCD Group organized a few meetings:

Attendance of the BCD Group at the chaired meeting of Euregia Egrensis in Aš 27.5.2008

Roofs Development, s. r. o., a member of the BCD Group, was invited to a meeting of the chairs of the association of cities and municipalities from Bohemia and Germany Euregio Egrensis, which took place on 27th May 2008 in Aš. As holder of vast property in Aš, through its delegates, the group presented the state of the prepared project and during the subsequent discussion, answered questions of the participants. Everyone then addressed the location of the future development, in order to make the best possible idea of what one of the most important projects in west Bohemia will look like.