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Sector A

In the first phase the following building will be erected:

a congress centre with multipurpose hall with an area of 3500 m2 and a hotel complex with 450 rooms,
a health-care centre (hospital with policlinic with a capacity of 350 rooms)
housing blocks with altogether more than 800 dwelling units and areas for commercial services extending over 4000 m2,
a casino spreading over 3500 m2 with a hotel of 350 room capacity,
a technology field with construction halls for light industry surfacing 140,000 m2, where preferably hi-tech technology and application of modern methods (software applications, information technology and similar) will advance.

A view of Sector A from the border with Germany

In an area of more than 70 hectares a health-care centre, housing blocks, a hotel complex, a congress centre, a casino, a technology field and several commercial units will all be constructed.

Full view of Sector A with main road I/64

In addition to its strategical location, the area is characterized in particular by outstanding transport accessibility. The proximity of the border crossing and close connection to the town ringroad and railway allow easy access to key roads to the Czech Republic and Germany.

A view from the town of Aš

The project has the full support of the town of Aš, which is intensively working on further development of the area – building cycle routes, a skiing site, another border crossing to neighboring Germany as well as returning to operation part of the currently unused railroad as a part of the project.

A view of the hotel complex with the health-care centre

Thanks to the project, many job opportunities in various fields will be created in Aš. Not only will the town inhabitants appreciate the new possibilities of cultural and social life or the health-care centre offering the most modern services.

A view from the south-east of Sector A

In connection with the planned construction, transport infrastructure is being intensively built on both sides of the border. A part of this is connection of current roads and railroads in Aš, West Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony.

A full view of Sector A

The planned technology field and industrial park are, together with the administrative and transportation centre, a unique opportunity for investors not only from Bohemia but also from Germany.

A view of the conference centre with the casino

Tourists will be able to stay in hotels with a capacity of 800 rooms. A part of the project will also be a residential area with more than 800 newly built flats.