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About the project

A new euroregion centre, a unique project of unparalleled scope and conception within the Czech Republic, will be developed in the westernmost part of the country on the south-western edge of Aš.. In an area of more than 70 hectares a health-care centre, a hotel complex, a casino, a technology field and several commercial units will all be built.
“This BCD Groups project will have a long-term positive influence on the character and future of the town,” says Mgr. Dalibor Blažek, mayor of Aš, which fully supports the project. Implementation is provided by an experienced financial and development company BCD, the Group.
The project is a unique opportunity for strategical investors, who, together with the BCD Group, can participate in the final design of the future euroregion centre. The BCD Group has its own financial resources and offers business partners a unique opportunity to “take part”.
Not only Aš natives will appreciate the multitude of newly created job opportunities in various fields, the prospect of new cultural and social facilities and a health-care centre offering most modern services.