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More about the project

A unique project of unparalleled scope and conception within the Czech Republic, will emerge in the westernmost part of the country at the south-western edge of Aš in Cheb county. The location at the meeting point of Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony creates an attractive opportunity to become a modern rural centre as well as centre of the whole euroregion, a place where economic and social life will be concentrated. The extensive and generously planned project includes a hotel complex, a casino, congress centre, a health-care facility, housing blocks, a technology field and several commercial units. The BCD Group is represented by Roots Development, s.r.o in this project. The overall area of the project, implemented in two phases, exceeds 70 hectares. Renowned architects from the Hysek studio ( ), who emphasize not only design and functionality, but also utmost respect for the natural environment, are participating in the project. Inhabitants of Aš and people living in the 2 million-strong subregion will appreciate the multitude of newly created job opportunities in various fields, the prospect of new cultural and social facilities and a health-care centre offering the most modern services. Tourists will be able to stay in hotels with a capacity of 800 rooms. A part of the project will also be a residential area with more than 800 newly-built dwelling units. “The BCD Group’s project have a long-term positive influence on the character and future of the town,” says Mgr. Dalibor Blažek. The town mayor continues: “Thanks to it, Aš can place itself alongside important European cities which are strategical hubs in-between states, offering people a wide range of possibilities regardless of national borders. Therefore the implementation of the project has our full support.” Aš is intensively working on further development of the locality – building new cycle routes, a skiing site, another border crossing to neighboring Germany as well as  the reopening of an adjoining currently unused railroad. Construction of the whole complex, given its size and importance, will take several years and create many job opportunities. In connection with the planned construction, transport infrastructure is being intensively built on both sides of the current border. Included in this is  the connection of current roads and railroads in Aš, west Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony.